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Las Vegas Shooting

There are no words. My heart and prayers are with the loved ones of those fatally, senselessly shot, those injured, and those in shock, traumatized, asking themselves why? and why them and not me? I am one of the last group - I was going to attend the Route 91 Harvest Festival - just for Sunday - but it was the day after Yom Kippur, and I decided I wouldn't be able to switch gears from such an intensely personal, spiritual day. I wish at this moment I had something uplifting and insightful to say - do you mind if I comment another day? I am just crying my eyes out - it's so unthinkable - I just want to share my love and prayers to my friends and clients in country music, to my friends in Las Vegas, my friends in Nashville, and to all of you who are grieving for yet another unthinkable tragedy.

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