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Motivational Speaker

Whether it's for a group of 5 or 5,000, Sherri will deliver a keynote speech or a life-changing workshop personally designed to impact your audience or group.

​Based on Sherri's experience as an exerienced, renown Hollywood Life Coach, Entertainment Industry Insider, celebrity & media expert,

Sample Speaking and Keynote Topics:

  • Fame, Celebrity and Other Illusions: What The Fame Culture Is      Teaching Your Children and What You Can Do About It
  • Fame, Celebrity, and Other Illusions: How to Love Your Life and Keep Your Soul Intact While Navigating The Music Industry/Entertainment Business.
  • The 5 Things Celebrities Know That Will Change Your Life
  • Rock Your Life. Rock The World: How To Make An Impact, How To Change The World
  • Mid-Life Crisis or Mid-Life Clarity?: How To Love The Rest Of Your
  • ​The New Leadership: Leading With Your Heart

Sample Change-Your-Life Workshops & Journal Writing Workshops:

"Surive, Thrive And Say Good-Bye To Life As An Assitant"

"Hear The Sound Of Your Soul To Create The Life Of Your Dreams": This workshop leads you to discovering what you and how to implement that wisdom int your life.

"Mid-Life Clarity": Once we hit 40, we start to hear our true voices louder than ever before. You will create a life blue print that honors your present beliefs and desires (not what you thought you wanted twenty years ago), releases the past with love, and outlines action stepsthat will get o what you want.

"Get Unstuck": Identify what you really want and what's holding you back. Create a blueprint to brea through obstacles with action steps that are doable and fun.


Nashville Life Coach

N​SAI: "Fame, Celebrity and Other Illusions"

​Invite Sherri to speak at your event, or conduct a thought-provoking, heart-based, life changing workshop

​Entertainment Industry Life Coach, Nashville Life Coach, Entertainment Industry Life Coach, Nashville Life Coach, Entertainment Industry Life Coach, Nashville Life Coach, Entertainment Industry Life Coach, Nashville Life Coach,

Get Your Life In Order
Nashville Life Coach

Nashville Life Coach, Nashville Life Coach

Workshops & Events

Golden Globe Style Lounge​:

Life Coach Bar hosted by Splenda

Nashville Life Coach

"Sherri's workshop goes beyond the ordinary, a leap to a higher level, revealing key concepts

to accelerate personal dreams. If you want to explore your potential and advance it in a significant way - this workshop is for you. I truly enjoyed your workshop! It was a gift."

-- Sara Rivka Nash, Nashville Chabad

"Sherri and I were featured on a panel at a UPenn alumni event featuring media professionals. She

brought ​warmth, wit and intelligence to what otherwise was much less, warm, witty and intelligent."

-- Lew Schneider, executive producer,
Everybody Loves Raymond, Men of A Certain Age


"You really got the 'from the heart' message across to everyone, me included!  By the way, I love the 'affirmation' tool you presented- it's working on a lot of levels!

...We appreciated all that you did to create such an informative and uplifting event!"

-- Stanford Alumni Association, LA

Speaker - Workshop

"Thanks so much for sharing so many gems tonight at NSAI! You touched on a deeper issue that doesn't get discussed much... so thanks!"

-- NSAI member responding

 to "Fame Celebrity and Other Illusions" speech at NSAI


"....have thought about you and your wonderful courses many times since our June cruise … consider every day a blessing..."

-- Princess Cruise Passenger


"Yes, I was claiming myself in that group, and yes, I even felt insightful, sensitive and entertaining. You gave me a lot to think about. … Thank you for spending all that time."

-- Crystal Cruise passenger

Life Coach

"Sherri brought a truly deep and meaningful experience to our guests."

-- Diane Fiske, Owner of The

Fiske Group Public Relations, Publicist for Lake Austin Spa


"Sherri showed me that coaching is an option to help me move forward in living how I really want to live."

-- Guest at the

Oaks at Ojai

"…It truly was a pleasure to work with you. I hope that we will have an opportunity to work together in the future. We are very 

pleased… and our ​client will feel the same way."

-- Lori Geller, Account Executive, GolinHarris, Splenda rep

"Sherri's on-the-spot life coaching was a unique and fun addition to Lacoste's Inspiration perfume launch. In just 5 minutes of one-on-one time, Sherri really inspired me to make a change."

--- Editor, Redbook

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