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Entertainment Industry Life Coach
Entertainment Industry Life Coach
Entertainment Industry Life Coach

Nashville Testimonials:


"I've heard other life coaches, but they didn't quite understand how the entertainment industry nor creative folks like us worked. I look forward to your return to Nashville."

Jonathan Riggs, NSAI member

​"Thanks so much for sharing so many gems tonight at NSAI! (You) touched on a deeper issue that doesn't get discussed much... so thanks!"
NSAI member -

"Having a career in music is obviously about as challenging as it gets. Sherri's help enabled me to see some areas where I was needlessly complicating the artistic process and not being clear about what I really wanted. By focusing on some obvious strengths, new opportunities emerged and were nmanifested.
Thank-you, Sherri!!"

Nashville Artist

"Sherri has tremendous wisdom and insight but also approaches coaching in a very practical, straight-forward way which I found very helpful and refreshing. Her results oriented approach was invaluable!"

Nashville Producer

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"Coach Sherri’s regimen helps creative types get real by enabling people to raise their personal bar in order to champion their own creativity in the music business. Down to earth HOW TO’s on thinking big, courageously saying yes, sorting out illusion from real, getting clear on one’s values while blessing and uplifting other people and things. ‘SUPER STUFF’ that really helps in a world cluttered with lots and lots of ‘actually not that super.’"

Dick Karg
NSAI member

My Nashville Story:

How an LA Life Coach made Nashville her second home

It’s amazing what unexpected turns life can take when you listen to those quiet whispers inside your soul, those inexplicable gut feelings.

I’m a California girl through and through – a second generation LA native.  The only “south” I’ve ever known is Southern California. And the only rodeo I’ve ever been to is Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, my hometown.

So how, in just a few months, did Nashville, Tennessee become a second home?


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