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Entertainment Industry Life Coach

I believe in saying YES!: Yes to life, yes to your creativity, yes to living with purpose, yes to love, yes to those crazy ideas, yes to changing your direction, yes to exploring new things, yes to discovering undiscovered parts of yourself, yes to a deep and meaningful spiritual life, yes to bringing forward your unique gifts, talents, ideas, and dreams. NOW.

My life purpose, my soul’s desire during this experience of life on earth, is to help you squeeze every ounce of joy and passion out of the human experience as possible. It’s to help you be your truest self and take action. 

I believe that you’re here for a reason. You count. You are a magnificent creation with untapped potential. I believe that it’s not just a great idea for you to be the best version of yourself, it’s your responsibility.


That’s about all you need to know about me.

But if you want the facts, here goes:

I’ve been a life coach certified by the International Coaching Federation for 8 years. And besides being well-trained, I’m extremely intuitive and joyfully bring that gift to the way I coach.

I took an extended sabbatical from being a successful TV writer ("Beverly Hills 90210," "Baywatch," "The Big Easy," etc.) to be a full-time mom. And when my kids were old enough to be in school all day, I felt like it was time for a new adventure for me. I will always be a writer, a poet, a closet lyricist, a widely-published travel & spa writer. And I remain thrilled that I listened to that gut feeling that twinkled with joy when I first heard about life coaching – two weeks later I was in Seattle at the Academy of Coach Training. Yup. I believe in taking action – fast!

I’ve been featured in all kinds of great media. And lots of people have said cool things about me: Nikki Finke said I was, “the hot life coach.” Elle said I have a, “shaman like following among my Hollywood clientele.” And that’s all really nice. But what matters most to me is what my kids say. So I asked my 16-year-old son as I was writing this and he said, “My mom cares a lot, she’s always doing stuff to make people happy, and she knows how the world works. My friends think she’s the coolest mom.” That’s the best endorsement I could ever hope for.

A few other tidbits: I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. I have two rescue dogs and a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot who can sing the beginning of New York, New York. I’ve studied Jewish mystical practices for over 25 years. I’m an insane NBA fan. I love to travel and hope to walk every beach on earth.

I can’t wait to meet you.

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Entertainment Industry Life Coach

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