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How It Works:

"I kept envisioning the intricate works of a wristwatch – how when one tiny little gear starts whirring, all the other gears are set in motion… I became energized in so many parts of my life."

--Rory Evans, writer



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Confidentiality is foremost – whether you’re enquiring about my services or we’re in a long-term coaching relationship – I pledge complete confidentiality.

Now that you can exhale… here’s how it works:

Creative Professionals & teams AND those who want to create a centered, soulful life and passionately do what you were put on earth to do, even if you don't know what that is right now. And if you’re someone who is having a tough time right now.

I invite you to have a free 30 minute chat to see if we’re a match and to answer any of your questions. Call me or email for a complimentary 30 minute consulation. 


No. But I ask for a 3 month commitment – unless you’re calling about assistance with a time-sensitive project. (Your script is due in 4 weeks, etc.) I think it takes that much time to build the foundation for lasting change.

I don’t live in L.A. How can I work with you?
I’m based in Los Angeles, and if you’re in town, I’d love to meet you in person. But, I coach over the phone so, yes, you can live anywhere and work with me.

Does talking on the phone really work? Why not meet in person?
I love meeting clients in person and if you live in Los Angeles or are visiting here, we will set up a time for lunch or coffee.

But I prefer life coaching over the phone.

Besides being a well-trained ICF certified Life Coach, I am very intuitive. When I’m free of the face-to-face distraction, in the privacy of my office, I can go into the “zone” and access a greater depth of insight than I can in person. When I meditate on a client’s voice, words, breathing, I access my higher wisdom and am able to offer guidance from a deep, spiritual place.

Working on the phone also allows me to work with clients all over the world. And it allows you to be anywhere, too.

When I take on a new client, I’m in 100%. And I ask the same of you – that means showing up on time with undivided attention.

Here's the first question I ask: Are you ready to move forward?

If the answer is yes, we're ready to start.

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