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"...real thought not endless speaking is where the G-d energy comes in..." -Sharon Stone

I had the honor of attending an intimate event for Friends of Mogen David Adom today hosted by the incomparable Dina Leeds, and featuring a conversation between Sharon Stone and Michael Milken.

I want to share with you this beautiful, powerful thought Sharon wrote to my friend Chaya Block after this event.

"Thank you for your letter. It is not important that men see you as you perceive yourself but that you know who you are. In the quiet time that you will spend waiting for the world to speak all their ideas and bluster you will be THINKING and PLANNING and RESOLVING and this is where the fruit of real ideas comes from. Remember that this time is a gift, not a punishment and you will go far, for when they stop speaking all the endless man talk; you may have the needed simple answer. For thought, real thought not endless speaking is where the God energy comes in.

Wishing you every good thing, and all of the real love that partnering with the good male energy can bring."

Sharon Stone

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