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The Last Sunset of Summer

I love the long days, the sun seems to shine forever. My pleasure: almost daily sunsets at the beach. It’s only 12 minutes from my driveway to my toes in the sand. I know I’m so blessed to be able to experience such an awesome wonder, sometimes I’m in the kitchen cooking or walking my dogs, and I see the daytime is coming to an end, and I think, “Why am I here when I could be there?” And I jump in the car to soak in the even last 20 minutes of heaven.

This is officially the last sunset of summer. How does summer always fly by so quickly? I ask that every year.

This year I’m asking: how can I keep summer alive throughout the year? I’m not ready to say goodbye. I know it’s a lot easier to ask that when it’s so often 75 degrees and clear and the beach is beautiful all year ‘round in Los Angeles.

But could summer be a state of mind? And if so, what would that mean to you?

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