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G-d Bless America: Just Breathe

I don’t believe there’s ever been an election in our life time that has been more stressful, more divisive I remember the words from “Network”: I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore.” That’s what I’m hearing from my clients. From my friends. From myself.

I want to share a few tools to help you dial down the noise and the stress. We have months to go in this.

Limit your time watching the news.

Don’t engage in arguments on facebook. Your relationships are not worth sacrificing over who becomes president. You won’t change anyone’s mind.

Create a boundary at the start of conversations, Say at the outset: “I respect your opinion and I simply do not want to talk about this.” And then stick to it.

Know this: this too shall pass. Life will return to normal. The world will not come to an end. And hopefully Washington will have learned a lesson and civility will reign during the next election cycle.

G-d Bless America

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