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We are obsessed with lists. With trying to get it all done. And then get more done. Never has society been filled with technology, services, gadgets, appliances and other stuff designed to save time, and yet, we seem to have less free time than any generation before us.

I rarely tell me clients what to do, but I’m going to here. Do nothing. A lot of nothing. This week. Don’t wait. Find your happy place, and breathe. Let your mind wander. Plus, it’s summer. What better time to get outside, walk barefoot, and reconnect with the earth?

Many of you might find it challenging at first. We are so accustomed to keeping a mental list of tasks undone we can barely quiet our minds.

Here’s what I know for sure: time spent doing nothing actually gives you the mental space and ability to do everything more efficiently.

This is my happy place and my happy chair. I’m off now, to do a lot of nothing. Xo

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