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Born To Run: "Life Trumps Art....Always"

From first hearing that Bruce Springsteen was publishing his autobiography, I could not wait for it to arrive on my doorstep. Barnes and Noble delivered (if you haven’t gotten it yet, please consider buying it from a real bookstore!) I carefully, slowly opened the package as if I were handling the most precious object. I blocked out all distractions, got some coffee, and I breathed in every word. I was totally transfixed and inspired by his courage and poetically written insights. I’m posting a few quotes that I hope will inspire you as they have me.

“The road was always a perfect cover; transient detachment was the nature of the game. You play; the evening culminates in marry psychosexual carnage, laughs, ecstasy and sweaty bliss; then it’s on to new face and new towns. That, my friends is why they call ‘em… ONE-NIGHT STANDS!

The show provided me the illusion of intimacy without risk or consequences. During the show, as good as it gets, as real as the emotions are called upon are, as physically moving and as hopefully inspirational as I work to make it, it’s fiction, theater, a creation; it isn’t reality…And at the end of the day, life trumps art…always.”

- Bruce Springsteen, Born To Run Autobiography, page 273

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