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2015 Is Almost GONE....

Gone. I woke up this morning reliving an epic moment: I was at "All For The Hall," a fundraiser concert for Ryman Hall in Nashville sponsored by Keith Urban and Vince Gill when Montgomery Gentry took the stage to sing their country hit, “Gone.”

When I’d first heard that song, it spoke to me – loud and clear. I knew there were places and parts of my life I needed to get “gone”.

And whenever I felt stuck in gettin' on getting gone, I blasted that that song, danced around my house and adjusted my internal GPS.

Hearing it live felt like…wow... it felt like the entire audience was celebrating that I did it -- that I did just that: I, in fact, got gone and here I was where I wanted to get gone to.

"Gone like a freight train. Gone like yesterday. Gone like a soldier in the civil war bang bang. Gone like a ‘59 cadillac.. like all the good things that ain’t never comin back. And she’s gone…. "

The song is really about a girl who got herself gone from a guy. But I hear a deeper meaning, too. It’s about getting gone – from anything in your life that's time to say good bye to, that's not serving you well anymore, that's keeping you from living your best life and being your best self.

So, we're just a couple of weeks away from the new year -- it's a very fitting time to ask: What do you want gone? How do you want to be “gone”? What do you want to get gone from your life?

Now is a great time to be making that plan.

What's one step you can take today that will get you gone?

As you think about it, have a listen and relive my epic moment with me!


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