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What Does Your Heart Have To Say?

So I’m walking down the street in Nashville, a couple of blocks away from two of my favorite places there, the Red Bicycle Café and The Tempered Café and Chocolate in Germantown.

It was a perfect Fall day, and there it was, flat out on the ground, this leave, in the shape of a heart.

I love hearts. I’m not a big “thing” person, but I collect hearts. I especially love taking pictures of hearts that appear in the most unexpected ways – a crack in the cement, a rock washed up on the sand, the bark in a tree.

When I see a heart like that, I see it as a reminder from the Universe to ask myself one of my favorite coaching questions: What does your heart have to say?

What I often see in my clients is that we often overthink things.

And when I shake up that paradigm and ask, “Well, what does your heart have to say about that?” It often brings forth a big sigh of relief, a huge exhale, and some much needed quiet.

So, I’m going to ask you that right now. Take a long look at that leaf. Get quiet with yourself, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “What does my heart have to say?”

And then listen.


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