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The Start Of Something New

I love the start of something new. A fresh start.

What I love: it doesn't have to be tied to a date on a calendar. For me, it’s returning home after a vacation, or (finally) getting my car washed, or simply deciding that right this second is the second I want a change. But today, it's the holiday of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, that has me in "the start of something new" mode.

And that resolve inspires the deliciously fresh feeling that breathes into new possibilities.

For my clients, the start of something new is often beginning a script, or getting back to an old one. Sometimes it's collaborating on new music. Sometimes it's mustering the courage to get organized.

And what I often see with my clients is this: taking the first step - simply starting is the hardest part.

So, in celebration of starting something new, here are some questions to inspire you to start anew: What do I really, really want?

What's really holding me back?

What's one step I can take today to make it a realilty?

What do I want to invite into my life?

What would make me smile today?

Who can I give to?

Who can I encourage?

Answer one of those questions or simply get quiet with yourself and listen to your own inner wisdom. What’s one, small, do-able step you can take today?

One thing I know: small steps lead to lasting change. And each step can deliver that wonderful, fresh feeling of a new beginning.





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