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Freeway of Love - In A White Nissan SUV

So I’m zooming down the freeway – which is really awesome because zooming isn’t usually possible in LA, the home to bumper-to-bumper traffic.

it’s a California dreamin’ moment: the sun is shining, the smell of the ocean is in the air, the sky is clear and blue, it’s 76 degrees, the sunroof is open and the breeze is in my hair… perfect.

Zooming along on the freeway, and – no joke - Aretha Franklin’s, “Freeway of Love” comes on the radio…. So now I’m zooming and I’m singing and… I miss my exit.


But no problem.

Because the on-ramp is just around the corner.

And in that moment on the freeway, while listening to “Freeway of Love,” I felt like a perfect insight about love was delivered to me right there on the 10.

Okay, so you think you've missed your freeway of love exit, or you deliberately get off your freeways of love only to find you’re not where you really want to be.

There’s an “on ramp” just around the corner. Okay, sometimes you have to drive a little farther and wait a little longer, but the on-ramp of love is always there.

Sending blessings for finding your love on-ramp and happy zooming down your freeway of love.


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