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Daylight Savings: Here Comes The Sun

Daylight Savings happened in March but I finally feel the days getting longer... Long days turn into longer days, turn into summer days and warm, delicious summer nights…

I am so happy.

The more the sun shines, the happier I feel. I’m just not good at winter. As we move into the longer days, here are two questions to ask yourself: What do you want to do with the extra light? And, how have you been holding back your own light? I want to play outside. I want to skip and blow bubbles. I want to have backyard dinner parties. I want to try a new sport. (I have no idea what that is!!!) This would be really fun: zumba on the beach at sunset!! I want to dance. I need to spend more time at the beach again. It feels like a perfect time to come out shining. If your own light has been eclipsed by the moon of self-reflection and reinvention, I challenge you to stop over-thinking and start feeling. Stop waiting And start doing. Take one tiny action step in the direction of the light. And one last thing: yes, your skin might need lots of SPF, but your heart doesn’t. xo.

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