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Valentine's Day: Share The Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show some love to someone not being loved.

There’s so much to say about Valentine’s Day – the good and the bad - and I’m not going to say any of it.

Except this: there are so many people to love. There are so many people who are so unloved. Or need to be loved more. So I’d like to ask you: who can you reach out to today who might not be getting any attention?

The smallest gesture goes such a long way – even one chocolate kiss can make someone’s day.

So that’s my inspiration: get a bag of chocolate kisses and pass them out to random people, to the elderly person on your block, to the librarian, to the guy who collects parking tickets in the parking lot, to the person at the checkout stand at the market,,, spread the love, and share some kisses.

And no – this wasn’t sponsored by Hershey!


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