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I’m not a fan of new years resolutions. Usually they come from a place of feeling like you’ve somehow failed at something, and now you’re resolving to get your act together. That’s a harsh way to start the year.

Plus, resolutions rooted in feeling like you’ve failed in the past won’t work anyway.

My suggestion is New Year Reflections. Before beginning anew, take some time to think about where you’ve been. Acknowledge yourself for the positive steps you took this year. Begin the year by connecting with what you love about you, what makes you feel alive.

Here are a few statements I ask my clients to think about – or journal about:

I feel proud of myself for…

I didn’t think I could but I actually did…

I went out of my way for someone when I…

The time I laughed the hardest was…

I opened my heart to….

I went above and beyond when I ….

I was really kind when I….

I felt most like my true self when…

This year, I learned….

I feel so grateful for….

Wishing you the most inspired and inspiring 2014!



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