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Spring Cleaning: Clean Out One Limiting Belief!

I love Spring – okay, it’s not like Spring is all that different than the rest of the year in LA, (and I feel so bad for those of you who are still living in the freezing conditions of winter) …. But I still love Spring. The buds of lemons have just bloomed on my mini-lemon trees, and there’s a lone tulip in a pot in the back yard. Flowers are on their way!

Here’s my advice – and I hope inspiration – for spring cleaning: clean out one limiting belief.

Is there an “I can’t do it” lurking in the back of your mind?

Let’s give it a huge squirt of mental 409 and wipe it away.

Here’s how: make a list of the reasons you can’t do it. Usually, when we see those reasons in black and white, we see how ridiculous they are. It’s like being afraid of the dark. Once you turn on the light, you see there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Now make a list of the steps it would take to actually do it. And now make those steps even smaller. The key is to making the steps so small, you set your self up to win. Step by step, you’ll make it happen. And that will give a real spring to your step!

Let me know how it goes! And Happy Spring!


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