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A Golden Moment At The Golden Globes

If you know me, you know I hate award shows. The whole idea of them. I’ll save my rant for another time because when I turned on the Golden Globes last night, serendipitously, I caught a golden moment.

It was the moment when Spike Jonze won for best screenplay and he thanked David O. Russell, another best screenplay nominee, for all the help he gave him. Spike gushed about how David read his drafts, gave him notes, saw his first cuts and told him how to make the movie better. Simply, David made Spike’s scropt – and movie – better.


Collaboration. Support. Encouragement. Friendship. From one artist to another. That’s golden.

We hear so much about Hollywood being cut-throat – and it is.

Stories of sabotage abound – because they really happen.

So I just had to take a moment to shine a light on this really awesome moment.

I’d like to ask you:

To whom could you offer creative insight?

To whom could you offer support? Encouragement? Friendship?

And who could you ask for creative insight? Support? Encuragement?

And what are you waiting for????

I’d love to hear about it!!! xo

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