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My Love Letter to Artists

I believe that creative expression heals the world. Your creative expression. If it’s calling to you, listen. If you feel a tug at your heart, surrender. If you feel a call to your soul, honor it. NOW. Write it. Sing it. Rock It. Invent it. Act it. Direct it. Get to work.

But this may surprise you: I don’t believe it matters if it sells, if anyone hears it, what matters is that you CREATE.

When you fully understand this, you will free yourself up from soul-stomping and creativity-crushing ideas like, “When I get there I’ll be happy” or “When I ___ I’ll be successful”.

You’ll stand in the bright, shining light of your magnificence every single day, just because you’re being you, just because you’re treasuring your divine gift.

Yes, it’s great to have a record deal, or a best-seller or whatever creative job in the arts or entertainment industry you desire, and I will fiercely help you make that happen.

But creating  (your soul job)  is what turns you into a vibrant, thriving, alive person. It’s what allows you to step into the flow of humanity and allows you to give and receive. Your creative expression is the key to the kingdom.

The upside is unquantifiable. The energy of your creative expression permeates the world with hope, love, possibilities, and joy. It’s not just how your work touches people, it’s who you are when you’re being creative that touches people most deeply, most permanently.

The downside is quantifiable: depression, frustration, anxiety, loss of faith in yourself, inability to connect with people, sluggishness, feeling like you’re not “you”. A creative person not being creative sends out a cloud of negativity.  A creative person not being creative lives in a cloud of negativity.

You have a divine spark – treasure it. Respect it. Love it. Create!

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