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Lindsay, Follow These Steps From Life Coaches & We KNOW You Can Go From Train Wreck, To A-List Star!
Wed, August 25, 2010 4:00pm EST by Hollywood Life Staff

It seems like she’s had no peace – that she doesn’t even know what “calm” looks like. Before getting back to work, I would encourage her to create a sanctuary – figuratively and literally – so she can peacefully explore who she is and create a vision for her life as a young woman and as a talented artist. –Celebrity life coach and founder of RockYourLifeCoaching, Sherri Ziff Lester

Many people who become famous so young miss out on developing an inner core, a soul compass that keeps us on track and away from negative influences, life tools like structure and focus. I would encourage her to stay out of the media whirlwind and focus on developing an inner core. -Sherri Ziff Lester

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