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Ask yourself: “Where am I stuck?” “What’s next for me and my creative team?” “What’s my biggest vision and when am I finally going to bring it to life?” Simply, RockYourLifeCoaching™ will get you there now.

NOT SURE WHERE TO PUT THIS: Many people have called me who want to write a book or a script and they’ve never done it before. They’ve been successful in other industries and they have an idea knawing at them and they want to move forward and don’t feel like a “real” writer.

“Who is ‘creative’? Someone who says he is. Who is an ‘artist’? Someone who says he is. Who is a ‘writer’? Someone who says he is?”
-- Sherri Ziff

Maybe a heading like “I’m new at this!!!! Help!!!”  “I’m just starting out” or “I’m not creative” …..

I’ve worked with many clients who have not come from “creative’ fields and suddenly have had an urge to write a book or a screenplay or embark on some kind of creative adventure. I want to welcome you and congratulate you for taking the first step. You are embarking on a daring adventure and I am so happy to be part of your endeavor.

Are you waiting for someone to give you a stamp of approval on your creativity?

I’ve noticed a crazy thing: if by the 4th grade your elementary school art teacher didn’t anoint you as “artistic” you probably have been living with the belief that you’re not creative.

I want to nuke that idea.

Everybody is creative. Realizing that, claiming/owning  your creative ability will open up your life in unimagined ways. When you think of yourself as a creative person, you approach solving problems in … ways, you bring passion to whatever you’re doing.  You invite possibilities rather than limitations.


I believe that creative expression heals the world. Your creative expression. If it’s calling to you, listen. If you feel a tug at our heart, surrender. If you feel a call to your soul, honor it. NOW. Write it. Sing it. Rock It. Invent it. Act it. Direct it. Get to work.

But this may surprise you: I don’t believe it matters if it sells, if anyone hears it, what matters is that you CREATE it. That’s your earth job.

Yes, it’s great to have a record deal, or a best-seller or whatever creative job in the arts or entertainment industry you desire, and I will fiercely help you make that happen.

But what your soul job is, what turns you into a vibrant, thriving, alive person, what allows you to step into the flow of humanity and allow you to give and receive, is your creative expression.

The upside is unquantifiable. The energy of your creative expression permeates the world with hope, love, possibilities, and joy. It’s not just how your work touches people, it’s who you are when you’re being creative that touches people more deeply, more permanently.

The downside is quantifiable: depression, frustration, anxiety, loss of faith in yourself, inability to connect with people, sluggishness, feeling like you’re not “you”. A creative person not being creative sends out a cloud of negativity.  A creative person not being creative lives in a cloud of negativity.

Entertainment Industry and Creative Professionals come to me with a wide array of quests, challenges and issues: some have a deadline that’s fast approaching and they’re choking, some want to explore how to deepen their creative expression, some want accountability, some want to shift into new professions or start a creative profession for the first time.

But there are two issues that come to me so often, I want to talk to you about them: the time between jobs and losing touch with your creativity.

The fact about creative professions is that there are times of employment and time in between jobs. What’s essential as a creative person is that you view both times as equally valuable, that you’re not waiting for your life to happen when you get a job, that you don’t fall into a well of despair when you’re not working.

Easier said than done, right?

As an experienced, certified life coach with over 25 years working in all aspects of the industry, I can help you. I understand this plight. You’ve been conditioned to believe you are valuable when you’re working and well, you’re not valuable when you’re not. It is essential to your well-being and the well-being of the people around you that you create a new paradigm. Don’t live another day between jobs feeling like a loser. You deserve to love your life ALL the time.

Okay… writer’s block, feeling stuck, losing your creative mojo…  You might be surprised that I don’t believe in writer’s block. When you’re on staff of a TV show and the entire production depends on your pages, you learn skills to deliver. I’ve been that writer, and I have the skills, and you can, too.

Losing your creative mojo is usually a wider problem. I think creativity infuses all aspects of your life, and in turn, all aspects of your life impact your creativity. So when we set out to regain your creative sparks, we’re going to light up the rest of your life, too. Are you having fun? I bet not much. Working out, breaking a sweat? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Your place is a mess? I know. That’s just for starters.

Get Unstuck. Illuminate Your Imagination. Create Like Crazy. Get Happy. Now.

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