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September 28th, 2013


Procrastination, Part Four: Taking Back Your Power


Hey… okay, we’ve been taking procrastination head-on in the last three blogs, and we’re barreling forward.


To recap out “ah ha” moments:

1. Procrastination isn’t about laziness it’s about fear.


2. Fear? It’s (from what I’ve seen) not the fear of failing but being awful – just awful enough to still be on the ladder, but at the bottom rung. 


3. “Being awful” is about surrendering your creative power to the big fat lie you’ve believed – that validation by commercial success and the praise and recognition of others is what defines being talented and being awful.


Now what?


How do you take back your power – so that you can stop procrastinating and get to work and do the thing you love and feel excited about, and that makes you feel alive and like your truest self?


Now we’re talking…


Take a deep breath.


Imagine this: a glowing, shining, twinkling light exists inside you. It can be an orb, a flash, a star – however you imagine it.


The point is: it’s yours. It’s not up for grabs. It’s your to keep for your entire life. Only you have the ability to make that light shine brighter and brighter, or cause it to dim – even to the point of darkness. If it feels like it’s gone out – I want to tell you – I promise you - it hasn’t – it’s only dormant.


This is your creativity.


One of your life’s jobs is to protect it, nurture it, grow it and share it.


That is one of your divine missions.


It is one of the only things that will bring you true happiness, satisfaction, inner peace, tranquility, a sense of being alive, a sense of being your truest self, a feeling of loving being alive.


It will expand your desire – and your ability - to connect and inspire others.


It will deepen and strengthen your ability to love.


Wow. Yes. Yessssssssss.


And it’s all yours – this completely belongs to you.


Now that we’ve got that straight….


When you completely internalize that feeling, when you claim all that stuff I just wrote as your own – you’re in your power. You will be living from your power.


And that idea of being awful? It’s not even on your radar, it’s no longer in your vocabulary.


Creating, doing your thing in this world, sharing who you are,  inspiring, loving, bringing forth your creativity into the world – it’s pure light.

Think on that… And get to work!


I’d love to hear about it. xo

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