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​You don’t know if/how long you can take it anymore. But if you quit, then what????

You’re highly-educated and thinking, “What the HELL am I doing in this job???”

You’re sick of seeing your boss succeed on the tail of your hard work.

You work so hard and you rarely see your friends.

You have to forgo an hour and a half of much needed sleep just to get in a workout.

Your weekends are full of reading scripts and trying to catch up – which is the biggest oxymoron because there’s really no such as thing as catching up.

You’re doing a job way beneath your capability to prove that you can do the job you want but they see you as an assistant not as an executive.

How did that happen???

You’re really well-educated, and you’re wondering what the *!@?? And your college friends in other professions are close to having a down-payment on their first houses and you can’t afford that new iPad.

Not what you expected.

This one really sucks: you’re so busy that you don’t have time to date or develop a relationship. And even hot hook-ups are feeling kind of degrading and empty. (Yes, even for the guys.)

One more thing – you had the guts to follow your dream, and move to L.A. And here you are, but L.A. feels like a massive, sprawling metropolis connected by studios, agencies, and production companies. Where are the REAL people???

You’re exhausted. You feel like you’re alone. And you don’t know who you can trust.

In the words of our 42nd president: I feel your pain.

So now what?

Here’s where I come in.

As an experienced life coach in the entertainment industry – and a former assistant (yup! I worked for a lit agent, TV producers in development, and on prime-time comedies) I will teach you how to navigate this phase of your career, how to get on the promotion track, how to craft your off-work life to support your professional goals, and how to show up solid, balanced, and creative so you can do the best possible job – despite the insanity you endure every day.

You don’t have a lot of time, and you don’t have a lot of money. I know that.  Nevertheless, you need tools and skills that will get you through this challenging phase of your career. You need a game plan that will address the particular issues you’re grappling with. You need a road map to reclaim your happy.

You’re thinking you can’t afford me - I always have at least 5 sliding clients. I will make one-on-one life coaching with me affordable for you.

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