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April 7th, 2014


Dick Clark ACM Awards Artist Appreciation Bag:

Rock your Life Coaching Welcomes "The Unsung" of Country Music:


It’s Not Easy Living in the Shadow of a Superstar


The ACM Awards rocked. The best country music party ever. Packed with the most amazing performances by country music’s best.


Their talent shined. And we saw one thing: these gifted artists deserve their place in the spotlight.


But guess what?


No one gets there alone.


There are so many people behind the scenes that propel an artist to the top: record label people, marketing people, radio people, managers, make-up artists, stylists – the list goes on.


And then there’s the group that gets no credit at all: Spouses and partners, moms, BFFs, Assistants, even drinking buddies.


Yet without this tight-knit circle the road to stardom is not possible. This group provides the shelter from the fall-out of fame, provides a safe space in a very tough business.


I’m talking to you.


You’ve been there – with endless love, support and encouragement. You’ve sacrificed a lot.


What about your dreams? What about your life? In the spirit of recognizing the most unsung heroes of country music, as part of the Dick Clark ACM Awards Artist Appreciation Bag, Rock Your Life Coaching is inviting you to three sessions with me.


I will inspire you to focus on your own life without letting go of the support you offer your artist. We’ll find your passion, get you unstuck, connect you with the sound of your soul – basically rock your life! Let’s design a plan so that life in the shadows in bright, thriving and awesome.

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