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Looking In The Rear View

So I’m at a red light in Beverly Hills, a block from the Four Seasons Hotel.

The view in my side view mirror is stunning: rows of impossibly tall, gorgeous palm trees swaying close to heaven. BH is my hometown, and if I were to think of one image that captures the feeling of it for me, this is it.

Determined to get the shot, I grabbed my cell as fast as I could to take a photo – this photo. It didn’t go so well – I dropped the phone, the first shot was blurry, then the camera app closed. But I was determined. And myopic, I admit, too.

And while I was obsessing over capturing the view in my side view mirror, I missed the green light, and now the row of drivers lined up behind me were pissed off (rightfully so), yelling and honking. And honking. And honking. The drivers next to me making right turns stopped just to scowl. One guy gave me the finger.

I really wanted to capture that moment.

Looking at that photo now – I have to admit, I love it. But still, I can’t ignore a really powerful coaching question that whole experience inspired:

Where in our lives are we so focused on the rear-view that we fail to take the opportunity to move forward?

Where in our lives are we so distracted at a red light we don’t notice the opportunities of a green light?



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